Volkswagen ID.3 First Look and U.S. Release Information

For years, Volkswagen has been working on a production-ready fully-electric vehicle that offers the brand’s signature style, comfort and engineering prowess to those looking to get from A to B without burning a drop of fuel. Following multiple concepts, the first model in the ID series has arrived in production form. Showing off the Volkswagen ID.3 earlier this month, Volkswagen has produced a compelling and enticing vision for those aiming to experience the benefits of fully-electric driving. Here’s what we know about the upcoming Volkswagen ID.3:

Battery Size and Electric Range (Base)45 kWh. Up to 330 km (~205 miles)
Battery Size and Electric Range (Max)77 kWh. Up to 550 km (~340 miles)
PlatformNew Volkswagen MEB Platform
HeadlightsMatrix LED headlights with “flutter” effect upon approach
Interior ControlsLarge, dashboard-mounted screen with touchscreen controls and buttons
Curb weight3,790 lbs.
Battery Warranty8 years or 100,000 miles – whichever is first
PricingStarts around 30,000 Euro (Currently ~$33,000 at time of this page’s publication)

Will the Volkswagen ID.3 Come to the United States?

Sadly, the VW ID.3 is not set for United States launch. However, Volkswagen has hinted at the fact that we’ll be getting a crossover based on the same MEB platform, which should mean similar battery sizes, charging speed and warranty coverage. Although the new Volkswagen ID.3 isn’t coming to our shores, and we may have to wait a little bit to see what’s in store for our all-electric VW offerings, the style and technology that is at the heart of the ID.3 offers us a compelling glimpse into the future of both Volkswagen and the automotive industry. After all, Volkswagen is the brand that created the iconic Volkswagen Beetle, Volkswagen Bus, Volkswagen Thing and more. We have a feeling that, when the ID. line makes its way to us, it’s going to be just as iconic and a vehicle built to captivate the dynamic and engaged North American market. In the meanwhile, we can look at models like the ID.3 and see a company that is poised to dominate the future of electric automotive and transportation in general. For more information about current Volkswagen models or to be put on a list to be notified when information becomes available for future electric Volkswagen models, contact us today!