VW Military Incentives

Serving in the military is a calling that requires discipline, sacrifice, and courage. Those who put it all on the line for their country should be rewarded for their bravery, and although there is no way to fully pay the debt we owe service members, we are attempting to do our part through the Volkswagen Military Car Program. With special VW military incentives and benefits, those serving our great country overseas can receive significant discounts on the purchase of Volkswagen vehicles.  

United States military members stationed overseas can take advantage of VW military incentives and have their new vehicles delivered to them overseas or have it waiting for them when they arrive home. Those vehicles can be custom ordered to ensure they meet the unique needs and preferences of the driver or selected from the vehicles currently in-stock at VW of Topeka for immediate delivery. 

In addition to privileged military pricing and the convenience of having vehicles delivered anywhere in the world, there are a number of other VW military incentives and benefits available through the VW Military Car Program.


Interested in VW Military Incentives?

Up-Front Pricing and Financial Assistance

When purchasing a new Volkswagen through the VW Military Car Program, drivers will receive up-front pricing with a lowest price guarantee so there is no question whether or not buyers are getting the best price on the vehicle. While that lowest-price guarantee is only available for stateside delivery, it saves consumers from the pains of negotiation. 

In addition to the military savings, military service men and women will have the opportunity to finance through a multitude of reputable financial organizations or through Volkswagen to ensure monthly payments fit securely within the buyer's budget. With specialists well-versed in financial services available to lend a hand, this process will be free of stress.

VW Military Incentives Eligibility

The VW Military incentive program is catered to US military stationed outside of the United States. To qualify for the program, individuals must be current members of the US military, civilian components on active duty, or members of the diplomatic community stationed outside the United States. Proof of eligibility is required at the time of purchase and our military program specialists will help take you through the process of of providing the appropriate documentation. 

Military members stationed overseas can receive great savings and a variety of other benefits through VW military incentives. Fill out the form at the top of the page to learn more about the VW military program.