Volkswagen Models and Comparisons

Offering the precision engineering and driver-centered comfort and convenience of German design, Volkswagen automobiles have always done things a little differently than their mass-market competitors. This innovative and unique attitude has given the world iconic models like the VW Type 1 Beetle, Type 2 Bus, the Volkswagen Thing and, in recent years, the Volkswagen Golf.

When you shop Volkswagen, you’re getting more than just an expertly engineered and revolutionarily designed automobile, however. You’re also getting a vehicle that comes with an industry-leading warranty, luxury features that punch way above their pricing segment and a stylish reminder that, like Volkswagen, you’ve found the path less traveled to be full of serendipity.

profile of 2019 vw atlas

Volkswagen Atlas

The Volkswagen foray into the third-row SUV segment couldn’t have been a better model than the Volkswagen Atlas. This midsize, third-row crossover offers the cavernous interior space of a minivan with the all-weather capability of an SUV.

2020 Volkswagen Atlas
2020 VW Atlas Cross Sport
2019 VW Atlas
2018 VW Atlas


2021 VW Atlas Vs. 2020 Hyundai Palisade 
2019 VW Atlas Vs. Ford Explorer
2019 VW Atlas Vs. Hyundai Palisade
2019 VW Atlas Vs. Kia Telluride
2019 VW Atlas Vs. Subaru Ascent
2018 VW Atlas Vs. Ford Explorer
2018 VW Atlas Vs. Honda Pilot
2018 VW Atlas Vs. Toyota Highlander

green 2019 vw arteon from front three quarter view

Volkswagen Arteon

Full-size luxury that lives at an approachable price point isn’t easy to find. The Volkswagen Arteon sedan, however, offers luxury-car style and features at a mass-market price. Built with a stunning fastback design, the Volkswagen Arteon is a future classic.

2019 VW Arteon

blue 2018 vw beetle convertible

Volkswagen Beetle

Movie star and iconic sports coupe, the Volkswagen Beetle has been dazzling drivers for decades. In its latest iteration, it brings athletic coupe styling and an extensive features list to a class whose members are too often known by what they leave out.

2018 Volkswagen Beetle
2017 Volkswagen Beetle
2016 Volkswagen Beetle
2015 Volkswagen Beetle

blue 2019 vw golf front three quarter shot

Volkswagen Golf

A compact hatchback with that offers a conventional and enduring style, the Volkswagen Golf is the perfect option for those who desire driving engagement and dynamics with the functionality of a two-box automobile.

2018 VW Golf
2017 VW Golf Family
2017 VW Golf
2015 VW Golf


2016 VW Golf vs. VW Golf GTI
2015 VW Golf vs. Mazda 3

blue 2019 vw golf alltrack from rear three quarter

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

Your adventure doesn’t have to end just because the road does. The Volkswagen Golf Alltrack provides a longer wheelbase, increased ground clearance standard all-wheel drive and off-roading amenities for those who know that the real fun begins where the trail does.

2017 VW Golf Family


2018 VW Golf Alltrack Vs. VW Golf Sportwagen

2019 vw golf gti in traffic circle from rear three quarter

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Taking the timeless style of the Volkswagen Golf and adding some “hot hatch” performance, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is a stylish and pedigreed model with plenty of zip to get you up to, and above, highway speeds.

2020 VW Golf GTI
2018 VW Golf GTI
2016 VW Golf GTI
2015 VW Golf GTI

rear three quarter shot of 2019 vw golf r

Volkswagen Golf R

Bred for performance, the Volkswagen Golf R is an exhilarating, track-ready take on the most versatile Volkswagen platform. You want power, you want comfort and you want a hatchback that plays nice and functional when it’s asked to. The Golf R delivers.

2017 VW Golf Family

2019 vw golf sportwagen in dark parking lot

Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen

A long wheelbase iteration of the popular and stylish Volkswagen Golf with plenty of urban agility and amenities, the Golf Sportwagen offers extra practicality and a classic style for those who desire the cargo space of a crossover without sacrificing the handling and fuel efficiency of a car.

2017 VW Golf Family


2018 VW Golf Sportwagen Vs. VW Golf Alltrack

isometric view of 2019 vw jetta

Volkswagen Jetta

The value-leader in the compact segment, the Volkswagen Jetta has always prioritized making precision engineering and luxury vehicle features available to the masses. With a funky style, comfortable interior and long list of features, it’s no wonder why the Jetta has become so popular.

2020 VW Jetta
2019 VW Jetta
2019 VW Jetta Trim Comparison
2018 VW Jetta
2017 VW Jetta
2016 VW Jetta
2015 VW Jetta


2020 VW Jetta vs. Mazda3
2019 VW Jetta Vs. Honda Accord
2019 VW Jetta Vs. Honda Civic
2019 VW Jetta Vs. Kia Forte
2019 VW Jetta Vs. Toyota Corolla
2018 VW Jetta Vs. Honda Civic
2018 VW Jetta Vs. Nissan Altima
2018 VW Jetta Vs. Toyota Corolla
2016 VW Jetta vs. Honda Civic
2016 VW Jetta vs. Nissan Altima
2015 VW Jetta vs. Toyota Corolla
2015 VW Jetta vs. Honda Civic
2015 VW Jetta vs. Mazda3

red 2020 vw passat driving on forested road

Volkswagen Passat

As a Volkswagen midsize sedan offering, the Volkswagen Passat embodies the best qualities of the Volkswagen brand in a form that is as sophisticated as it is dependable. Style and prestige are just two of the hallmark qualities you’ll find in this lovable and fun, dynamic sedan.

2020 VW Passat
2019 VW Passat
2018 VW Passat
2017 VW Passat
2016 VW Passat
2015 VW Passat


2018 VW Passat Vs. Toyota Camry
2016 VW Passat vs. Toyota Camry
2015 VW Passat vs. Ford Fusion

red 2019 vw tiguan driving on road

Volkswagen Tiguan

An unusually comfortable entry in the popular compact SUV class, the Volkswagen Tiguan is elegant and refined where you want style and raw and engaging where you want fun. Expect strong performance, high practicality ratings and versatility from this beautiful, small SUV.

2020 VW Tiguan
2018 VW Tiguan
2017 VW Tiguan
2016 VW Tiguan


2020 VW Tiguan Vs. Toyota RAV4
2018 VW Tiguan Vs. VW Atlas
2018 VW Tiguan Vs. Honda CR-V
2016 VW Tiguan Vs. Mazda CX-5
2015 VW Tiguan Vs. Mazda CX-5

vw id buzz concept

Upcoming Models

Tireless innovators, the designers and engineers at Volkswagen are always hard at work on the next iconic vehicle you'll see on your roads. See what they're up to by checking out these pages that feature future automotive greats.