New vs Pre-Owned Volkswagen Models Topeka KS

Every Volkswagen vehicle offers top performance and premium features. Car shoppers in the Topeka KS area may already have their hearts decided on a premium Volkswagen model. But should they spring for a brand new model fresh off the factory floor, or would it be better to go with a pre-owned vehicle with a few more miles but a lower price? In this comparison, we're going to pit new vs pre-owned Volkswagen models to help car shoppers decide on the option that is best for them.

One of the major aspects that car shoppers have to consider is price. Pre-owned vehicles will usually be available at a lower price than new models. Even very recent models that have had previous owners are guaranteed to be significantly less expensive than a model from the brand new model year. This can be a great advantage for families or individuals who want to be careful with their budget. However, the trade-off with price is that the older models will not always be available with the latest cutting-edge technology. Especially with the new wave of smartphone connectivity arriving on the market, tech-savvy shoppers may want to spring for a new Volkswagen model to be sure they will get the latest in digital interface options, like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink.

Safety and features on new and pre-owned Volkswagen models


It is also useful to compare new vs pre-owned Volkswagen models in Topeka KS when it comes to safety features. While any Volkswagen delivers on top quality and safety, there are advantages to getting a vehicle with the latest in crash prevention technology. Many older Volkswagen vehicles have received Top Safety Pick awards from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for how well they protect their occupants in a crash. However, new Volkswagen vehicles like the 2016 Volkswagen Jetta, Passat, and Golf have received the even more impressive Top Safet Pick+ Award thanks to crash prevention technology like autonomous emergency braking. These features are not yet available in many pre-owned vehicles.

New vehicles are also usually available with financing options. If you are not in the market to buy a new vehicle, but you want to take advantages of the great features of a new model, you can also often take advantage of current leasing opportunities.

Whether you choose a new or pre-owned Volkswagen model will depend greatly on your budget, your lifestyle and your personal preferences. Here at the New Volkswagen of Topeka, we will work with you to find a vehicle that suits your need and finances. Contact us today to start on the journey to a new or pre-owned Volkswagen!