2019 Volkswagen Atlas in Topeka

Regularly transporting multiple people requires a lot of coordination. A vehicle that is up for this task must be able to “do it all,” and offer comfort, convenience, performance, safety and dependability. While many vehicles in the third-row SUV segment have made this combination of features a central focus, they’ve also neglected a huge one – looks. For the 2019 Volkswagen Atlas, however, you get it all – an SUV that will make you feel comfortable and protected on the road and proud and elated when you’re walking toward it in the parking lot.

Coming off its incredible debut year, the Volkswagen Atlas is better than ever for 2019. Featuring streamlined trim levels, a focus on value and standard active safety features, the time has never been better to get behind the wheel of Volkswagen’s amazing, family-friendly third-row SUV.

Comfort, Safety and Style Define the 2019 VW Atlas!

As historic leaders in value and “rethinking” the automobile, Volkswagen has delivered their unique brand of vision to a segment that lacked sophistication or personality. With the 2019 VW Atlas, you have seven trim levels, two engines, a massive palette of colors and plenty more customization options from which to select.

Whichever model you select, you’ll find Volkswagen’s luxury-SUV-like appearance to be a defining feature of your VW Atlas and one that turns your head as you walk away from the model after parking it.

The 2019 VW Atlas doesn’t look just great, though. It feels great. It’s a vehicle that wants you to feel like it’s a luxury SUV both when you look at it and when you climb into the spacious cabin. Inside, soft touch surfaces adorn the elegantly laid-out interior. You’ll find plenty of convenience features on board as well like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto integration and active safety features.

Finally, the People First Warranty means you’ll be covered for 6 years or 72,000 miles should your Volkswagen Atlas suffer any unlikely defect, and isn’t confidence the highest luxury?

Don’t wait up! Stop by VW of Topeka today and see for yourself why the Atlas has taken less than a year to win the crowded third-row SUV class.